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The Adventures of Uncle PoleCat – A new way to read a book!

A New Way to Read a Book!

It’s a book! It’s a movie! It’s a kid’s video game!

A Fun, interactive, eBook with lots of teachable tech – the young reader in your life will have fun while interacting with it and learning much-needed STEM skills for their future. Written with kids games in mind, Uncle PoleCat is a digital puzzle within an ebook. As young readers solve the puzzle and learn teamwork, they’ll also become superheroes, learn about technology from the embedded glossary, and save the world from evil hackers!

Pick Your Adventure!

The Adventures of Uncle PoleCat - 2016 iBooks Link
Uncle PoleCat goes to Hollywood - 2017 iBooks Link
The Secrets of Scullcano - 2018 iBooks Link
The Change Game - 2018 iBooks Link

What Can You Expect?

To set the stage, The Change Game is a continuation of The Secrets of Skullcano. It’s no ordinary children’s book.

Fully digital, this book not only exposes kids to a fun, unique story, but it also allows them to use their hands in educational, entertaining, and friendly video games and reminds them to take a break, get up, and move around.

Additionally, this book is equipped with a simple English STEM glossary with the words highlighted throughout the text of the story to help expand kids’ vocabulary. So, join the kids from the last book where they left off when they finally got their locked files back. Now, they go on a mission to unlock their files and deliver the fountain of youth water to grandparents around the world. Readers will learn a valuable lesson about working together as they read in the story how the kids must overcome trouble, ask for help, and work as a team to reprogram Vincent LAN Goat from evil to nice, save the day, and deliver the fountain of youth project on time.

Meet the Author

Samuel Laguna

Samuel Laguna is a retired technology executive. For most of his career, Sam was an elite troubleshooter working with Chief Information Officers. He’s been around the world many times and has worked with all types of technologies and cultures. Known for his creativity and ability to relate to people at all levels (especially kids), Sam started writing children’s ebooks combining his love of storytelling and technology with today’s digital publishing capabilities.

The idea of Uncle PoleCat as a superhero character in a children’s story goes back 20 years to a time when Samuel along with extended family were snowed-in with five high-energy kids in a cabin in Austria. He made up the story to keep them occupied and they loved it. One of the little girls there that day, now an adult, encouraged him to write stories about Uncle PoleCat so that other little kids could experience the same joy she had felt all those years ago.

Samuel and his family live in Atlanta, Georgia where he runs an IT Consulting Business while continuing to create new Uncle PoleCat adventure stories that captivate the imagination of kids everywhere.